The NC Hemp Farm

Research and Innovation Campus

East Coast Genetics, LLC is composed of multiple genetic partners with one goal in mind.  To develop superior East Coast Genetic strains of Hemp that are designed to grow in Eastern States climate.  This group is leading the genetics industry with broad licensing agreements with multiple strains for cloning as well as breeding.  These strains have been chosen as the national leaders for CBD and Cannabinoid production with qualifying and passing states rigorous testing standards for industrial hemp qualification.

East Coast genetics is currently selling and distributing seed and clones to licensed hemp farmers on the East Coast with programs that legally allow for domestic seed and clone sales.

Clones and seedlings are available in bulk during Spring, and fresh clones GRADE A-C are available year round.  

Feminized Seed and Phenotype Selections are underway for Spring 2018.

East Coast Genetics is currently taking distribution partners in additional locations for direct access to farmers.  They offer superior fresh clones that can be shipped  from multiple locations for the quickest freshest delivery options.

Respect is earned.  The Hemp Farmacy was created by NC Residents who have traveled and been involved throughout the nation in Cannabis based businesses.  This model is demanding respect as a pioneering leader in the East Coast Cannabis Hemp Industry.  The Farmacy is based on education.  With first time customers receiving in depth education right at the cabinet to free weekly education classes.  The Farmacy is designed to educate its community at all levels not only of the health benefits of compounds such as CBD found in the plant, but also the 25,000 different uses for the industrial varieties.

Being tied to one of the East Coast Hemp Industry leaders in agricultural conversion models for the introduction of Hemp into Rotation on large scale farm operations, this Dispensary Model is on the edge of a magnificent industry change.

Please visit the Hemp Farmacy for more information regarding their services and involvement in the NC Hemp Industry. 

Hempleton Investment Group is pioneering the East coast Hemp Industry leaders and developing a viable hemp industry that has a new approach.  Paired with the NC Program with a fully industrial research program, Hempleton seeks out industry opportunities and investors to build a new and thriving East Coast Industry.  

Sponsoring one of the largest hemp education programs Hempleton, uses education to build the industry.  With the stigma of Cannabis prohibition still looming in many East Coast states, Hempleton uses education to break down the barriers.

Hempleton not only builds businesses and education programs, Hempleton also holds a NC Hemp Aggregator license and a DEA import permit for certified industrial hemp seed.  Hempleton manages a large cooperative group of farmers and does not only is an intended buyer for farmers, but also a hemp brokerage.  Placing farmers with the highest bidding manufacturer or buyer for the highest yield.

Hempleton Investments are built on relationships.   If you are thinking about entering the hemp industry do not look at these guys as corporate giants, this company was founded by educators, farmers, and businessmen.  Not only do they provide services but also guidance and assistance in the industry.