Participating Partners

The NC Hemp Farm

Research and Innovation Campus

DISCLOSURE:  Weekly Schedules may Vary, this program literally places you in the operations of the East Coast Hemp Industry  and there may be problems or changes that may alter the schedule.  Just as with any type of farming challenges including but not limited to weather and equipment maintenance and repairs.  That however becomes part of the experience and training.  This program is not a vacation package.  Please come prepared to work.

The NC Hemp Farm FALL 2017


The NC Hemp Farm and its research partners have come together to offer an exciting new opportunity, something the Hemp Industry has never seen before.  Hempleton Investment Group, Inc., East Coast Genetics, LLC, The Hemp Farmacy, and NC Hemp will offer hands on experience in all areas of the hemp industry.  You will be spending time in each loaction and in each position through shadowing and actively participating with the leaders in the NC Hemp Industry. Agricultural Conversion model farm tours, and literally getting your hands dirty will allow you to curb the entry barriers to this industry.  For the selected applicants this opportunity a real look into the East Coast Cannabis industry, you will have dinner with the managing partners and the CEO Justin Hamilton of Hempleton Investment Group.  Maybe even leaving with JV oppotunities in your business plan.


- 7 Days 6 Nights Lodging and 10-12 Hour Days

4 Nights at the NC Hemp Farm Campus (

(Historical Legacy Farms Event Center Main Farm House)

2 Nights in downtown Wilmington NC

Typical Schedule - 1 Week Apprentice Program

 - DAY 1 / Monday - Introduction to the Hemp Industry 

(Tour facilities - NC Hemp Farm Campus - get checked in)

- DAY 2  / Tuesday -  Field Work, Jump in with the Farm Operations at one of the growing locations.  Put your hands on harvesting plant maintenance techniques. 

- DAY 3 / Wednesday - Field Work continued

Day 4 / Thursday - Cloning and Genetics Hands On.  Learn breeding techniques and learn how to clone successfully hands on.

Day 5 / Friday - Shadow a shift in the The Hemp Farmacy Dispensary

Day 6 / Saturday - Work a shift at the Hemp Farmacy Dispensary

Sunday - Free Day - Spend more time in the Farmacy or revisit the NC Hemp Farm

or just visit and enjoy the sites of beautiful Wilmington NC

Thursday Night - Dinner with Company and Team Leaders

7:00 p.m.

Participants will receive, at the end of completion, a letter of reference for hemp practices and experience, as well as length of attendance.  Student Apprentices may apply for more than one week, weeks after week 1 schedules vary and become customized in the areas of focus for applicant.  Sessions become more focused and oriented on individual interests.

Available Weeks 

SESSION 1 - September 4-10

SESSION 2 - September 11-17

SESSION 3 - September 18-24

SESSION 4 - September 25-Oct 1

SESSION 5 - October 2-8

SESSION 6 - October 9-15

SESSION 7 - October 16-22

SESSION 8 - October 23-29

Week 1 - Typical Introductory Schedule $3,850

Includes Complimentary Lodging - Thursday Night Dinner

Additional Weeks - Focused Training Schedule - Customized

Farming and Genetics Focused -

Includes Complimentary Lodging at NC Hemp Farm Campus 7 Nights $3000

Dispensary Focused -

Includes Complimentary Lodging in Wilmington NC 7 Nights $4500

INTENSE TRAINING PROGRAM - Typical Days can run 10-12 Hours


BUSINESS PLAN DEVELOPMENT during additional custom weeks only