The NC Hemp Farm

Research and Innovation Campus

The Hemp Farm is located on the beautiful Legacy Farms Agritourism Campus.  The farm has a variety of different exhibition size plots of Hemp.  The plots are grown with no herbicides or pesticides.  Some plots receive no fertilizer, and other receive organic farm compost.  Visitors can tour the gardens, as well as the full color display boards on-site with the NC Hemp Exhibition.  Also on-site is the Hemp Farmacy.  You can learn about Hemp derived CBD therapeutic supplements.    The farm is also home to East Coast Genetics research facility.


We are currently forming farming co-ops in NC.  These co-ops will be formed in different regions with farmers collectively farming.  In the beginning of the hemp program licenses will be limited and the co-op format allows farmers to join in the experience and combine resources including existing equipment, land, knowledge, and processing potential.


We are working together with local farmers to develop co-ops amongst ourselves to grow industrial hemp.  These co-ops will give farmers in field experience in the beginning of the industry when licenses may be more limited.  Co-ops will also allow farmers to unite for equipment, and resources.




Farming Cooperative Ventures

We have a group of cooperating NC Farmers from the mountains to the coast.  These Farmers share data and learn from each other, this data is reported back to the NC Hemp Farm as well as the State Dept of Agriculture.


Enjoy a nice drive out into the country and spend some time on the farm learning about hemp, and maybe getting some questions answered.  The campus is full of not only hemp information but also farm animals and a variety of options for self guided tours.  In the harvest season the farm is full of additional events, and attractions.


The Hemp Industry is booming.  This plant offers so much potential, it may just be the answer to a more substainable economy, planet, and existence.  Hempleton Investment Group offers a variety of career and joint venture opportunities in the blooming hemp industry.


Come be a part of the hemp movement!


If you feel like you would like to be more of a part of the hemp movement, and have some time to explore where you might fit!  We have volunteer options that will allow you to be a part of different events, planting, harvesting, processing, and more.

Cooperative Meetings

The current market for hemp products is booming, as well as the hemp industry.  Currently the demand for hemp products is through the roof, but currently under federal regulation industrial hemp is still a schedule 1 narcotic.  What?  That is right even though hemp will not get you high and is used to make paper, textiles, ropes, milk, bread, car parts, and 24,993 (give or take) more items!  This is a legitimate concern for any business plan.  Our parent company Hempleton Investment Group is here to participate in start-ups, joint ventures, as well as independent consulting services.

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