An Educational Agritourism Experience


The Farm is home to the NC Hemp Exhibition.  This exhibition is full of color displays and is designed to teach you all about Hemp and it's many uses.

The Education loft is offering Hemp 101 and CBD specific education classes.  Also we offer on-site speaking engagements as well as educational presentations.


We are now writing contracts for farmers for the 2017 season for Hemp Seed!  Please contact us for more information.

The NC Hemp Farm is located on the Legacy Farms Agritourism Campus.  The Agritourism campus is full of not only educational hemp information, but also farm animals and the on-site Hemp Farmacy!

Charlotte's       WEB

Our On-site Hemp Farmacy offers a large variety of CBD Products including the well known Charlotte's Web Products.  Now you can get your CBD products in NC.

The NC Hemp Farm is another East Coast Hemp Industry Product created, owned, and operated by Hempleton Investment Group, Inc.

The Hemp Farmacy in downtown wilmington located at 117 Grace St. is now open!  This urban franchise model is located in a convenient location near the Cotton Exchange and CFCC.



Top Harvest Season Notes


NC Now has a formal Hemp Comission!  Above is the swearing in ceremony from the first meeting.  We are excited to hear about the progress over the winter in hopes to see Hemp in the ground in NC next season!

With hope of temporary rules governing the 2017 season we are excited to announce we are currently writing contracts for farmers for seed production in Eastern and Central NC.  We will be happy to talk to you more about the potential this crop has to offer the farm wallet. 

All participants in the Hemp program in 2017 will be participating in Research and Development for future hemp crops in NC.  It will be important to document strain productivity in different soil conditions, as well as different environments. 

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