The NC Hemp Farm

Research and Innovation Campus


The Farm is home to the NC Hemp Exhibition.  This exhibition is full of color displays and is designed to teach you all about Hemp and it's many uses.

This is a research program, so mind your P's and Q's.  Get seed or clones from a source with verifiable genetics approved by the state.  Make sure to update you app at NCDA with your changes, and most importantly DO RESEARCH - Have Fun!


Top 3 Rules for Planting



If growing for CBD as the main crop purpose, you can rogue your fields, you will manually remove the male plants by pulling them up and laying them in between rows.  Males equal seed and that lessens the CBD content.


A name trusted in the Eastern NC area for its education and the host of our hemp research efforts produces quality hemp products.  Please visit their page for LAB RESULTS and more information on their product line.

Just Announced - Coming this Fall


The NC Hemp Farm will open for training and apprentice programs.  Hempleton Investment Group, Inc. will be taking applicants for farmers and people interested in learning how to enter the industry.  You will immersed in ALL HEMP.  You will stay at the historical farm house on campus, and will be able to put your hands on different varieties and methods of planting.  Hempleton runs a large group of farms with many agricultural conversion models from tobacco to indoor facilities.  East Coast Genetics and The Hemp Farmacy will also be participating in these training programs.

This is a limited program and applications will be taken, this opportunity does not exist in this industry.  Classes are typically teaching you only certain parts of the industry and much of the information is limited.  This opportunity allows you to participate in the industry at all levels, from the dispensary operation, the production fields, genetics operations, and investment strategies in this grey market.  Hempleton is expanding operations into all East Coast States as their programs are created and farmers are permitted.  

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The NC Hemp Farm is located on the Legacy Farms Agritourism Campus.  The Agritourism campus is full of not only educational hemp information, but also farm animals and the on-site Hemp Apprentice Program!

The NC Hemp Farm is another East Coast Hemp Industry Product created, owned, and operated by Hempleton Investment Group, Inc.

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When planting hemp the planting depth is very important as well as the weather. PLANT hemp 1/4-1/2 deep, after a nice rain.  Try to pick a time when you will have a good few days of sunny weather after planting.